Massage Oils

Our therapeutic massage & body oils contain the healing aromatherapy power of therapeutic grade essential oils in a soothing base of organic cold pressed virgin olive oil and organic sunflower oil. Treat yourself anytime by using them medicinally, for massage, in the bath water, afterbath or for softening skin.

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Peaceful Prairie Body Massage Oil - Lavender, YlangYlang, Chamomile
Our calming mind, body & spirit formula can soothe the heart, relieve anxiety and dissolve re..
$5.99 $4.99
Rosemary Peppermint Body Massage Oil
Rosemary and Peppermint wake up the brain, soothe muscle aches and helps cold symptoms...
$5.99 $4.99
Wild Geranium Rose Body Massage Oil
A perfect blend to balance hormones during times of menopause, pms and stress. It also is one of ..
$5.99 $4.99
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